Sunday, July 29, 2012

The italians shops at lower prices

It is taking more time for the italians, when they are doing their shoppings. This is due to the fact that the italians are spending time in preparing for doing their shopping - they are researching for the best offers and where to find the lowest prices.

6 out of 10 italians spends time driving from store to store, in order to find most value for the money and the best discounts. At the same time the discount-supermarkeds are growing at fast speed and expanding in the last few years in Italy, it is the discount-supermarkeds that are wellknown in Germany like Lidl and PennyMarkt.

Many small business-owner like butchers, etc. are loosing customers to the large supermarkeds, that can provide a wide range of different products at lower prices.

Despite a hectic day at the office and then at home, many italians spends more time doing their shopping - they choose fruit and vegetables that are grown locally, and can be bought at the local Farmers Market at lower prices.

Basic ingredients like pasta, tomatoes, oliveoil and wine is experiencing increasing sales, and products that needs to be imported from other countries are staying longer on the shelfes.

The source of this change is the economic crisis in Italy, and the people needs to focus more on getting the most of their money, so they find other places to shop with lower prices, shopping less but still want the same quality as before.

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