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Wine Courses in Italy: discovering Italian Wines

Author: Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci
Talking about Italy, we cannot forget mentioning its wines. Wine is part of Italian history, tradition and culture. A passion born many decades ago, an emotion coming from the heart and deeply related with food.
But often you happen to drink a wine without knowing if it's really good or where it comes from, or you find it difficult to read the label or combine it with good food.

You cannot just drink wine, you have to "taste it". A professional taster is able to recognize if a wine is genuine, to correctly evaluate its appearance, aroma, color, to appreciate the good feelings that wine transmits to eyes, nose and palate.

To help students to taste wines and learn a lot about this wonderful world, the school for foreigners Leonardo da Vinci, in addition to traditional Italian language courses, offers Wine Courses too. The school is present in four of the most beautiful Italian cities: Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena.
Cities rich in history, churches and monuments, but also places offering attractions and fun for students of all ages and with different interests. During the Italian Wines Course that the School Leonardo da Vinci organizes for its students, 24 famous wines will be presented and tasted.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about their history and origin, appreciate the taste nuances and recognize the differences between a Chianti and a Brunello di Montalcino, a Barolo and a Barbaresco.
To have a good knowledge of wines means to have expertise and fun! Once a famous sommelier and wine merchant said: "Just raise a glass, make a toast and taste the wine with gusto and wisdom, as wine is particularly good for who knows to drink it."

Starting dates of Italian Wines Courses: every week.

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The Italian language schools Leonardo da Vinci offer Italian language courses for foreigners. City Centers in Italy: Florence, Rome, Milan and Siena.

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